The largest support organization for girls in Sweden

We offer anyone who identify as a girl, between the ages of 10 and 25, support in the form of a Big Sister. Big Sisters are women from 20 years and up who, through the gift of time and dedication, listens to their Little Sister when they meet, either in person or online.

Our main goal is to promote mental health in young girls; we believe the first step towards building the strength to make a change in a person is to hear them and validate what they are feeling.

Tjejzonen is a national organization due to the use of virtual support through chat, video calls, and email.


Brave fellow human beings who listen

Our core consists of perceptive volunteers who have been through a long selection process that culminates in a two day course in active listening, teenage issues, and conversational methodology. They are then trained in their specific assignment during an evening course given by our staff. They receive frequent guidance, mentoring, further education and feedback throughout their assignment.

In 2015 our Big Sisters had about 7 100 conversations with Little Sisters. To volunteer in our chat was the most popular assignment in 2009, according to the Swedish Bureau of Volunteers (Volontärbyrån).


The girls’ voice

Tjejzonen represent the young girls in Swedish society and frequently appear in the media. Tjejzonen was founded in 1998, and is today a highly sought-after organization in issues regarding girls’ mental health, in addition to student health care, psychiatric care, and others who work with young girls.


How it all began

Tjejzonen was conceived as a reaction to the escalation of violence against women. Close to 30% of young women suffer from anxiety, a significant increase since the 1980′s. Eating disorders, self-harming, alcohol- and drug abuse has become more and more common. The opportunity to ventilate feelings and issues at Tjejzonen and receive the tools to handle negative thoughts often makes a huge impact and daily life becomes easier to face. Our founder Thintin Strandman is now Chairwoman of the Board.



Tjejzonen has been awarded a number of prizes. In 2013 we received a grant from the Anna Lindh Memorial Fund because ”Tjejzonens stands for the basic human rights, to be seen and safe, on- and offline”. In 2012 we received the Wendela Prize with the motivation: ”For the courage, dedication, and heart to change the lives of young women”. In 2014 Tjejzonen was awarded the Surfa Lugnt Prize due to being the ”trailblazers for how support organizations can utilize the internet as a platform”.



Tjejzonens is completely dependent on contributions from the public sector, foundations, corporations, and civilians. Learn how you can support our charity.


Project Reports

For Project Reports in Swedish, Please visit:


Lotta Zetterqvist, Secretary-General, 0046(0)707647840